Best Resources For Learning Android App Development

Android applications are growing at a tremendous rate in comparison to other platforms.In 2017 smartphone users cross 450 million marks and out of 450 million 70% are Android users.

Companies launching their mobile App for the users and there are many opportunities available in the market so every programmer wants to start their career as Android developer and learn how to make an Android app. But learning Android App development is not a piece of cake you have to start from the basics of Java concepts and keep going up to Android SDK and so on.

Here are some best available resources that will help you to start learning Android programming in the right way:

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First thing first, Start with Java:

Java is a base programming language for Android. you need to first learn Java for Android development then Learn object-oriented programming concepts, Java fundamentals etc.

These websites will teach you to how to code in Java efficiently.

Java Introduction

Java Tutorial (Extensive Tutorial)

Getting started with Java – “A beginner’s guide to Java Programming”

Video – Learning Java: Part 1: Basic Introduction

Free Interactive Java Tutorial

These are the some best resources available for learning the basic concepts of Java, after completing these courses and after understanding the concepts we will move towards Android Development for that we need to learn SDK kit so let’s get started with Android Development.

These are best websites that every Android developer must know:-

The first and the most up and coming source you approach is Android’s own website. is one of the best places for all Android-related assets on the web. One of the lesser known elements that it incorporates is a full how-to with practices on Android application development. These covers setting up and introducing your designer condition completely through executing Google Cloud Messaging in your application.

Code Academy

Codecademy is an online education company that provides best learning solution. We focused on best learning experience for developers and newbies, making Code Academy the best place to learn, teach, and create the online learning experience of the future.


Vogella is a German company situated in Hamburg. Provide best services such as development, consulting, Android, support, training in the area of Eclipse and Git. Vogella gives In-depth tutorials on concepts of Android development.

Envatotuts plus

Envatotuts offers best video courses and written tutorials to help you learn creative skills in code, Android development, design and illustration, web design, game development, craft, and more.


Udemy is globally known for learning and teaching online where students and programmers are mastering new skills and achieving their target by learning from an extensive library of over 40,000 plus courses taught by expert instructors.

Hopefully, these websites and links provided above will definitely be helpful to get you started with Android Development or for experienced Android developer, maybe you will find something useful to make your Application even better and attractive.